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8 great removable tray side tables do double duty

When you prefer an uncluttered space, especially when you don’t have room to waste, furniture pieces that do double or triple duty are key. Removable tray side tables are great performance multi-taskers for almost all room types.

Monica Förster Tray for OFFECCT

8 great removable tray side tables do double duty | @meccinteriors | design bites
Monica Förster for OFFECCT

Made of birch plywood, Tray is available in either a natural or white lacquered finish. The primary table surface is static and attached to a chrome base. You can stack one or more trays on the tabletop, the bottom of each tray being covered with an anti-slip red polyurethane backing.

Turning Table

Offered in ash, oak, and walnut, Theresa Arns’ Turning Table is a simple side table with built-in storage space for magazines, remotes, extra chargers, or whatever you need at hand. The design is elegant and distinct. Theresa Arns explains, “I was looking for an unpretentious but elegant way to open the storage container under the top plate and got the idea to open the lid by rotating it around one of the legs. The metal sticks help stabilize the construction and complements the expression of the wooden table.”


Studio-Lani’s Isaju is as stylish as it is hardworking. Hand welded in steel rods and hand turned wood, Isaju is a multifunctional side table, with storage and an optional light feature. It’s top can also be taken off and used as a tray.

Salver Table

The Salver Table’s minimal iron form features a clean angled lines. The diamond-shaped tray can be used as an individual piece. There’s also a small storage area hidden beneath the tray’s cradle.

Flip Around Stool

Norm Architects designed the Flip Around Stool for flexibility. It can be used in the entry to hold keys, sunglasses, and phones or as a tray. When tipped upside down as a holder, it also provides a handle for easy transport of items. Or it can be used as a side table or stool.

Rectangle Tray Table

8 great removable tray side tables do double duty | @meccinteriors | design bites
Notre Monde: Rectangle Tray Table

Available in multiple sizes, Notre Monde’s tray table features a simple metal frame whose base easily slides under the edge of a chair or sofa. The moveable singular tray is offered in various colours and patterns so that you can customise your look.

Duplé Side Table

The Duplé table is designed for both serving and seating. It’s simple aesthetic lends itself to multiple design styles and spaces. Flip the flat tray surface over to find a modestly upholstered stool seat.

Stool Molde

8 great removable tray side tables do double duty | @meccinteriors | design bites
Stool Molde from GARAGEEIGHT

With its durable tray on top, the Stool Molde acts as a handy side table, or in a cluster of two or three at different heights and colours, they becomes a perfect coffee table. Remove the tray and you’ve got the perfect place to rest your feet after a hard day’s work, or somewhere for unexpected guests to perch themselves as you catch-up over tea.