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chalk up your doors

Chalkboards are an easy way to add functionality and customization to your room. You don’t need a physical board or an entire wall to create a chalkboard. Why not chalk up your doors?

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If sticking with traditional black for your chalkboard, the black will help to ground the space while adding instant drama and contrast.

In the Kitchen or Command Centre

Every resident stops by the kitchen at least once a day, making it the perfect place to leave notes, lists, menus, ideas, or even inspiration.

Organisational Efficiency

chalk up your doors | @meccinteriors | design bites
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Depending on the tasks to be completed and who is to perform the task, the kitchen may not be the ideal place. Perhaps the home office, laundry room, or mudroom would be better. Keep in mind that lists and notes can go on the interior side of cabinet doors just as easily as they can the exterior.

chalk up your doors | @meccinteriors | design bites
Jennifer Grey Interiors

Label for grab-and-go. This is a once-only job and is worth it to maintain organisation past your first laundry day. There are many options. Here, chalkboard paint turns cupboard doors into a handy linen map and is easily updated if anything changes.

Bedrooms or Playrooms

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Elle Design

Labelling works equally well for dressers and furniture pieces as it does for interior doors, especially for children’s spaces.

Encourage the family’s inner artists by using chalkboard sliding doors! They’re fun for the kids, a great place to jot notes on the fly, and easy to clean. If chalk dust and allergies are an issue, chalkboard markers are an easy alternative.

Adding Colour

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Sarah Greenman

Coloured chalkboards are more unexpected but can be made to work with your existing design. In this case, the door is more art-like with its happy coffee message.

chalk up your doors | @meccinteriors | design bites
via Lolly Jane

Many manufacturers offer simple chalkboard coatings in a wide range of colours, including DecoArt. Keep in mind that chalkboard paint does not mean the surface will automatically become magnetised. Some paints have magnetic filaments directly in their formulation; for others, an additional step will be required in the painting process.


chalk up your doors | @meccinteriors | design bites
Chalkboard Doors by Masonite

Many door manufacturers now offer a variety of styles with chalkboard inserts.

From expressing your creative side by drawing with the kids, to tracking the week’s grocery list, the Masonite Chalkboard interior door combines the fun and function of a magnetic blackboard with a genuine stile and rail door.

chalk up your doors | @meccinteriors | design bites
Chalkboard Doors from Simpson Door

These pre-made doors offer the standard versatility of interior doors and can generally be used for “a swing door, pocket door, by-pass door, with barn track hardware, or with pivot hardware and for any room in the home.”

chalk up your doors | @meccinteriors | design bites
Chalkboard paper roll from Michael’s

Granted, this last option is not a pre-made door, but it does make for easy installation and clean up when compared to painting a door.

chalk up your doors | @meccinteriors | design bites
Kelly Fradet

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