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For some people, cork is simply the stopper that’s used to seal a wine bottle. Cork — the material — actually appears much less frequently in wine bottles these days than it once did. However, the eco-friendly material which offers great acoustical properties is popping up more frequently in corked walls. Made into textiles and wallcoverings, cork offers both warmth and depth that’s lacking in standard drywall finishes.

Transformative Displays

corked walls | @meccinteriors | design bites
An office corner covered in cork. | photo: Petra Bindel

Corkboards are nothing new, having long been used in schools and offices. Carry this functionality into your own home, whether into your office space or as a means of displaying artwork or staying organised with family activities and projects.

corked walls | @meccinteriors | design bites
via Young House Love

An added benefit of using cork: you can have an ever-changing display without the eyesore of a pock-marked wall. To prevent pins from poking through the wall, affix the cork to a piece of plywood before hanging it on the wall.

corked walls | @meccinteriors | design bites
architect: Taalman Koch | photo: Lisa Romerein for Dwell


Cork wallcoverings are available. Important to note that wallpaper is not the same as cork in a roll. While some “cork” wallcoverings simply mimic the look of cork, many actually have thin layers of real cork attached to a backing. These real cork wallpapers, several of which are offset with metal filaments, can be quite costly and are certainly not designed to be installed as tack boards.


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via Wine Harlots

If you’ve saved up cork wine stoppers and have the time, you can create a textural, completely custom backsplash.

Tiles and Shapes

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The Habitus Collection: Cork Penny tile, available in two sizes and several colour options, both in solid and mixed colours.

Square tiles are certainly available, as are planks, much as you can find among flooring options. But some of you will definitely prefer other shapes or patterns.

corked walls | @meccinteriors | design bites
via GetCork.co

Get Cork offers hexagonal, triangular, diamond-shaped, square, rectangular, and petal tiles, many of which come in multiple sizes.

Muratto has an extensive collection of cork wall products, including bricks, strips, pattern tiles, and organic blocks. You can choose from natural cork or coloured cork. Given the technology used to infuse colour into the tiles and blocks, cutting and raw, unfinished edges are not a concern.

Au Naturale

corked walls | @meccinteriors | design bites
via Pinterest

Of course, you can skip the special shapes and colours and opt for a more natural, textural look.

What’s your favourite corked look?

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