plywood can be beautiful and sophisticated

Plywood has often been considered as only good enough to be hidden from view: as subfloor, behind walls, beneath expensive finishes or veneers that mimic more acceptable woods. That’s beginning to change as it’s former “cheap” reputation is being transformed to one of a contemporary, durable material that is equally stylish as it is affordable.

plywood can be beautiful and sophisticated | @meccinteriors | design bites
Belgian townhouse designed by Tim Rogge

With stripped down, more minimal interiors attracting interest, combined with a renewed love for all things white in interiors, lighter toned, naturally finished and untreated woods are also growing in preference.

Keep in mind that, like engineered wood flooring, plywood consists of slim layers of real wood that are stacked alternating the wood’s grain. The “face” is the side that is seen, while the centre is known as the “core”, and the bottom layer, the “back”.

Like most things, plywood comes in various price points depending on the species of wood, the number of plies, or layers of wood, as well as the number of knots or holes present on its face.

Typically, plywood used for interior finishes or furnishings is of a higher grade than that used in construction.

While it can remain untreated, give careful consideration to where and how it is being used. Wood in a kitchen, bathroom, or even as a desk or table where drinks may be set require protection against watermarks and more severe forms of water damage.

While the wood can be beautiful on its own, don’t be afraid to apply mix and match materials for a pop of colour or an unexpected visual break.

How and where could you use plywood in your home to maximum effect?

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