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#tuesdaytrending: feel good items and a strong sensuality

The following is via Fashion Snoops:

We’ve recently shifted from minimalism to maximalism. On the forefront of this shift, we’re seeing that people are craving more intimate and feel good items.

When examining the cultural circumstances today, the three leading shifts are technology innovations, emotionally driven consumerism, and the feminist movement… We see a strong Sensuality coming to fruition.

#tuesdaytrending: feel good items and a strong sensuality | @meccinteriors | design bites
image courtesy of Fashion Snoops: Feel Good items and Sensuality

This design aesthetic connects the dots from politics to an increased emotional energy that is leading consumers to desire connection, comfort, balance, and the maternal presence in their everyday lifestyle.

Among interiors it involves clean, rounded shapes, and furnishings covered with ultra luxurious materials. Spaces are especially welcoming due to the use of warm colours, and while comfortable, they are also made sophisticated through an appropriate balance of form and high-quality tangibles. This seemingly personalised environment represents a melded concept that rests between stylish and honest to goodness usefulness. Each design adoption enhances one’s sensory experience.

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