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#tuesdaytrending: summer 17 sees playful escapes for kids’ rooms

With summer break from school, you might be thinking about revamping your children’s rooms. While I always recommend involving kids in decorating decisions related to their personal spaces, Trend Bible shares the following four trends for baby and kids’ rooms for Summer 2017.

Nature’s Guardian

#tuesdaytrending: summer 17 sees playful escapes for kids' rooms | @meccinteriors | design bites
Trend Bible: Baby & Kids Trends Spring/Summer 2017, Nature’s Garden | Activism / Wildlife / Eco Warrior / Protect / Habitat

The forest and its precious beauty provide the setting for this story. As children take more ownership and responsibility for our endangered natural world, they take action to become its faithful protectors.

Acting as forest guardians, children blend and intertwine with nature. Trailing leaves and climbing foliage tangle and weave in and around the trees of our beautiful natural kingdom. Beneath the tall treetops lies the teaming forest floor, filled with scattered leaves and pretty blooms. As the sunlight beams down through the dense forest, playful shadows and pretty silhouettes emerge.

Charming animals and friendly forest faces welcome children into the natural world with open arms. This whimsical forest environment becomes a cherished and precious playground

Game On!

#tuesdaytrending: summer 17 sees playful escapes for kids' rooms | @meccinteriors | design bites
Trend Bible: Baby & Kids Trends Spring/Summer 2017, Game On! | Super Powers / Augmented Reality / Gamification / New Sports / Wearable

The story is set in a hybrid world where virtual, screen-based activities blend with the physical world. Childrens’ bedrooms, playgrounds and physical spaces are transformed into 3D gaming environments with the help of smartphones, tablets, wearable tech and gaming apps.

Children become human robots and characters in a fun, multi-player gaming scenario which is both entertaining and educational.

High tech materials and sports fabrics are fun and vibrant with a focus on performance and efficiency. Retro brights and pale pastel colours are teamed with statement synthetics to reflect the active pace of this sports story.

Smart objects and toys integrated with technology become friendly robots and characters in both real and virtual worlds. Typography, graphic patterns and gaming grids are teamed with subtle 80’s references to give this trend a familiar twist with a touch of nostalgia.

Polynesian Paradise

#tuesdaytrending: summer 17 sees playful escapes for kids' rooms | @meccinteriors | design bites
Trend Bible: Baby & Kids Trends Spring/Summer 2017, Polynesia Paradise | Adventure / World Travel / Child Sabbatical / Real Life Learning / Escapism

The Polynesian Islands provide the inspiration for this fun summer trend. Sailing across the Pacific Ocean, this story is about embarking on a far away adventure where the journey provides as much excitement as the destination.

Island hopping and travelling by sea, sees children embracing the adventure of exploring. Learning about the sea and indigenous societies educate children about survival and micro cultures.

Tropical fish, leatherback turtles and mythical mermaids encourage children to discover the wonders and mystery of the world beneath the sea. Materials and surfaces appear rustic and weathered by the elements.

Children step into character wearing vibrant flower crowns and decorate their sailing rafts with tribal patterns, ready for the adventure that lies ahead.

Desert Explorer

#tuesdaytrending: summer 17 sees playful escapes for kids' rooms | @meccinteriors | design bites
Trend Bible: Baby & Kids Trends Spring/Summer 2017, Desert Explorer | Underground / Living Museums / Heritage / Discovery / Curiosity

Sun-cracked surfaces, sand dunes, spiky cacti and hot temperatures set the scene for this Indiana Jones-inspired adventure. This story sees children delve into the exciting world of archaeology and discover hidden treasures found in the desert landscape. As children embark on a desert expedition, they discover exciting clues and insights into ancient civilisations and prehistoric artefacts. Children set up camp and explore the vast open desert terrain on camelback.

As they step into the shoes of archaeologists they look for clues, digging, dusting and uncovering buried treasure.

Natural, sun-bleached materials are rustic and highly textured. Prints and patterns take inspiration from hieroglyphs, ancient symbols and primitive paintings. Sandy pastels and fiery summer shades set the scene for a hot summer adventure.

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