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“If the mere thought of redecorating or renovating your home makes your heart race,

re-think your design strategy.

Feeling overwhelmed will only lead to undesirable consequences.”

       — Christina, mecc interiors inc.

A house, condo, or cottage alone is nothing more than a building. But our clients want more. Our clients want beautiful spaces that remain livable, highly functional, and provide luxurious touches.

They want to love their homes and feel proud showing them off to friends and family; to wordlessly tell their guests their story through custom-designed interiors that cater to their busy lifestyles.

Some want to be more involved than others, but they all appreciate white glove service and the option of full project management that prevents projects from becoming overwhelming and stress-inducing.

Our clients want interiors that are

memorable. effortless. classic. chic.



mecc interiors inc. is an accredited and award-winning design studio in Burlington, Ontario specializing in interior decorating and design solutions and project management for residential clients.

Offering a boutique-type experience from start to finish, mecc interiors’ trademark style brings a fresh, energetic approach that is both timeless and progressive. Clean lines blend with colour, texture, and form to create spectacular interior environments that meet the demands of daily life without sacrificing beauty or comfort.

christina mogk | mecc interiors inc. | @meccinteriors
Christina Mogk, BBA, LEED Green Associate, CID

Decorator/designer/blogger, Christina Mogk, attracts both homeowners and condo dwellers thanks to her insights, ideas and inspiring way of designing interior spaces.

Given the myriad decisions that must be made when a home is being renovated or built, clients credit Christina’s meticulous attitude for her success at handling the behind-the-scenes details of decorating their homes.

Regardless of budget, her design “calling card” marries precise, clean-lined interiors with flexible, highly functional solutions that offer a sense of warmth.

“I navigate through the maze of home design

to bring confidence and peace of mind,

thus enabling homeowners to get on with their busy lives,

comfortable in the knowledge that every element is being

handled in a world-class way.”

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