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What exactly do you do?

We work with homeowners, builders, and architects on new home builds, full-service renovations, or the remodeling or redecorating of entire rooms or floors. mecc interiors inc. can take your interior design from dreams to concept development, continuing on to project management through completion, or work selectively on more concentrated segments of the design process.

 Do you have more questions?

Read on to see answers to frequently asked questions, conveniently organized into three categories: the basics, getting started, and design fees and budgeting.

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Why should I hire mecc interiors inc.?

Having a design professional on your team who has the knowledge and experience of countless similar projects as well as the information and expertise for finding the exact products and tradespeople you need to get the best result for your home is priceless. Working with us will help you move seamlessly and efficiently through the project, as well as help you prevent costly mistakes or side-steps along the way.

We analyze your living habits and preferences and measure them against what is and isn’t working for you in the existing space to propose functional, well organized rooms that suit your desired aesthetic.

So whether you need a little help or a lot, from answers to a few questions on colour selection or furniture layout to help on planning and completing a complicated remodel or new construction project, the advice and guidance we offer are invaluable.

What geographical areas do you work in?

We work throughout the western GTA and often find ourselves in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Brantford. We also step outside the city to work on cottages, vacation homes, and country houses.

Do you do projects that are outside your immediate area?

Yes! We do projects remotely, relying on the client to provide existing drawings, measurements, and photos from which to work. Or we can come up with a hybrid plan that combines working on site and remotely by traveling to the initial appointment, taking initial measurements and photos, and then providing the client with digital images and hard copies, followed by revisions and project coordination through email.

How long will my project take?

There is not one specific answer as completion time varies by project. A typical kitchen remodel may take approximately three months to design and build before installation can be accomplished. If you are remodeling your bathroom, the process may take only a month from start to finish.

A basement remodel may take one month to design, and it may then take another 10-12 weeks to receive and install all product and furniture. In the interim, any renovation work can often be completed and perfected.

A full-scale custom home design — from the planning and conceptual stages, through the execution of renovations and furniture acquisitions, to the completed design — takes several months to complete.

If time is a key factor, we can tailor the design options and resources accordingly to accommodate your more pressing needs.

In all cases, we are not finished until you are 100 per cent satisfied!

When do I need a designer?

While we can help you at any stage of the design process, it is best to become involved during the early stages of design to create the best plan of action and avoid any duplication of work or potential delays.

What is your design style?

Our role is to help you interpret your own style in a way that speaks to your personality and becomes a livable showpiece that functions in accordance with the way you want to live. Success results in a space unique to you.

We strive to make every interior we touch memorable, effortless (for you!), classic, and chic, taking into consideration your personal preferences, the architectural elements, and any key furniture pieces or accessories you wish to keep and use within the new design scheme.

Can I see samples of your work?

Of course! Browse our portfolio for a sampling of our residential design work. Feel free to contact mecc interiors inc. to see more images of other projects.  And please consider following us on Houzz, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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How do I get started?

Call — at 416.578.4521 — or email us to set up a complimentary phone consultation. 

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Hiring mecc interiors inc.: How does it work?

We begin with a phone conversation to help us evaluate your project and determine if we may be of help while also allowing you to ask preliminary questions. When the decision is made to move forward to an in-person consultation, we will ask you to complete and return a questionnaire prior to our visit to your home.

Learn more about our Design Process.

Do you offer a free consultation?

We prefer to begin our relationship with a comprehensive complimentary phone meeting prior to meeting face-to-face in your home. This allows us to discuss your project and expectations in more detail and provides an opportunity to get to know a little about one another. The initial fact-finding phone call generally lasts at least 15 minutes and may take as long as 45 minutes.

An in-person consultation offers immediate value. Using our twelve years of expertise, we’ll start formulating solutions to your design problems as soon we enter your home while also helping you avoid the many common, costly mistakes typical of DIY interior design projects. Your investment will pay off many times over.

In-person consultations can last up to two 2 hours and the design fee must be paid in full on the consultation date.

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How should I prepare for our in-person consultation?

  • Complete and return the design questionnaire.
  • Collect inspiration to share with us. It could be in the form of boards on Houzz or Pinterest (you can send us the links in advance so we can review them), or even photos from magazines and photos.
  • What colours, patterns, and style do you like? You can also create a list of things to definitely exclude.
  • Is there anything in the existing space you want to keep? Or that you want to pull in from elsewhere in your home?
  • Have a budget in mind and be honest about it. Having an investment range is a good start.
  • Think about how the room or house should feel and function once completed.
  • Is there a particular timeframe in which the work should be accomplished?
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How much will my project cost?

Without first knowing the details of the project to be completed — the scope of work, material, and furniture selection preferences, whether or not contractors or others will be involved in the process, and the like — it is impossible to provide an accurate answer.

If you have a specific design fee budget in mind, we are more than happy to prepare a proposal, stating what we can offer, keeping within your budget. Though monetary investment can be difficult to discuss openly, an honest conversation sets the groundwork for a great project, establishing how best to manage the overall design and structure the project towards completion of the re-envisioned space.

How do you charge?

Interior design and project management fees are very much dependent on the work being completed, as determined by the size and complexity of the space, the allotted timeframe, and the overall project scope. Some aspects of the interior design will be billed as a flat fee; smaller projects or tasks which fall outside the established scope of work will be subject to hourly fees.

In addition to the design fee, we offer options when it comes to purchasing product and furnishings. 

What’s included in the design fee?

The design fee covers everything related to the planning, organization, and implementation of your project, including tasks like:

  • Space planning, schematics, elevations, working drawings, lighting plans, and renderings.
  • Budgeting, preparation of estimates, and purchasing recommendation.
  • Finish selections and researching sources for materials and products.
  • Design of custom furnishings, bedding, and window treatments.
  • Subsequent consultations and correspondence with the client, suppliers, or tradespeople.
  • Schedule coordination with contractors, installers, and architects.
  • Project management and site visits to oversee installations.

Why do you have a design fee and purchasing management fee?

Design work and product procurement are two very different tasks. The design fee relates to design concepts, project planning, and providing advice related to purchases, all of which work together to provide solutions to your design problems.

Purchasing an item involves much more than walking into a showroom, pointing at an item, and finalizing the sale. Selecting an item is only the first step. Next comes the customization – choosing fabrics, finishes, trims and accents which complement the overall design scheme. On occasion, there may even be changes made to an item’s dimensions. Quotes need to be obtained for the items being ordered, as well as any possible customs or freight charges, white glove delivery, and installation. Samples for approval must be ordered for every texture or finish.

Upon your approval of an item to be purchased comes confirmations of orders, client deposits, and purchase orders to the supplier. We monitor and track the progress of ordered items, arrange for pre-delivery inspections, delivery, organize installations and review all goods.

All of these activities — plus some others — are rolled into the purchasing management fee rather than the design fee. If there is a problem with shipping or a faulty product, we take care of that for you.

Do I have to make purchases through you?

No, you are welcome to make purchases on your own. However, most people choose to take advantage of the access we provide to trade only showrooms, allowing for more custom design solutions.

I’m not sure what my budget should be. Can you help?

Absolutely! We have various tools and methods we can use to help you determine a realistic budget for the space you want. However, it is still a good idea to have a ballpark idea of the type of investment you would like to make.

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