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free form carpet tiles

I always love options that allow for versatility and that can transform to suit multiple spaces. Scale Living, free form carpet tiles from Vorwerk Carpet and designer Hadi Teherani, definitely provides options.

free form carpet tiles | @meccinteriors | design bites
Vorwerk: Bloom

Available in three shapes — Bloom, Cut, and Mesh_S — Scale Living comes in leather, brushed stainless steel, and cut pile options in a multitude of colours. By selecting the shape, colour, material, and layout in which to arrange the tiles, the options are only limited by your imagination!

free form carpet tiles | @meccinteriors | design bites
Vorwerk: Cut

The tiles feature a specially coated self-adhesive backing for secure placement on smooth “subfloors” such as ceramic, stone, or laminate. The tiles can also be easily removed and repositioned without requiring additional adhesive.

free form carpet tiles | @meccinteriors | design bites
Vorwerk: Diamond/Dart

Vorwerk also offers the Free-Form collection, available in Crystal_S/Crystal_L, Diamond/Dart, Partition, Stripe, Trapez, and Tripod/Prisma.

free form carpet tiles | @meccinteriors | design bites
Vorwerk: Tripod/Prisma

Each of the collections offers four carpet tile textures and a large breadth of colour options, allowing for plentiful design options. Even better, the tiles contain no PVCs or bitumen, earning them Green Label Plus certification.

free form carpet tiles | @meccinteriors | design bites
ALLT: Cityscapes in green

Inspired by city views, ALLT’s Cityscapes modular carpet tile are made of woollen felt and a rubber backing. Available in grey, yellow, green, and blue, you can “rearrange the tiles into various shapes and create symmetrical geometry as well as asymmetrical islands…”

free form carpet tiles | @meccinteriors | design bites
Nauris Kalinauskas: Puzzle Rug Imperial

The aptly named Puzzle Rug Imperial comes in packages of ten puzzle pieces that you configure into a custom carpet tile area rug, hand picking the colour mix when you order the tiles.

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